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Thank you for every thing, and thank you for the purchase.i have finally got the car,..actually i cleared it all on 9th November. Imust say your services are second to none that, i have dealt have feelings for your clients that go beyond just the business boundary...yours is brotherhood!!

Its in good condition,i will get time and we meet with my companion otherwise i have several bids on it as i speak now!!

Be back to you any time

Patrick (Uganda) TOYOTA PRADO

The Rolls is all ok I have just finished the repairs and will be getting registration this week, 

I will keep checking the auctions for future purchases.

Simon (UK) Rolls Royce

One word,perfect!! I like and respect your professionalism. At first i felt real timid due to the fact i was sending my money to someone i never met or heard of before but my belief is life's all about taking risk at times......I wouldn't have any second thoughts about doing business or recommending others to you after this deal has been completed.

Cloyd (Jamaica) FORWARD DUMP